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Mice & Rats Rats: Reproduction
The onset and length of heats (estrus), the mating process, length of pregnancy, and growth and weaning in rats.
Rabbits Feeding and Nutrition
Learn the basics of a quality rabbit diet, what not to feed, and the importance of feeding fresh vegetables for your rabbit's dental health. Also learn how the diet needs to change as your rabbit ages.
Rabbits Head Tilt
Head tilt in rabbits may also be known as wry neck, torticollis, or vestibular disease. The treatment varies depending upon the cause, of which there are many.
Rabbits Red Urine
Rabbit urine is normally yellow; red urine may be due to plant pigments in the diet or a serious disease causing blood in the urine. A simple laboratory test by your veterinarian can tell the difference.
Rabbits Snuffles (Pasteurellosis) in Rabbits
A respiratory disease in rabbits called snuffles is caused by Pasteurella multocida, and is a very common and contagious illness that can become chronic or fatal if left untreated.

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    Did You Know?
    The normal temperature of
    a rabbit is 101 to 103°F.
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    People & Pets
    The Human-Animal Bond and Our Relationships with Pets
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