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Ich in Freshwater Fish
Freshwater Ich is a protozoan disease that is often called 'white spot disease' and is the most common disease to infect freshwater fish. Caused by Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, this disease is similar to saltwater ich.
Germs: Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
Germs, characterized as viruses, bacteria, and fungi, are different in size and shape, structure, reproduction methods, hosts, and the diseases or infections they cause.
Nutrition, Anatomy, Health, and Diseases Heart Anatomy
The cardiovascular system employs the heart and blood vessels essential to the constant supply of oxygen and life-sustaining nutrients needed for life of all living animals.
Nutrition, Anatomy, Health, and Diseases Neurons
The functioning unit of the nervous system is comprised of neurons. These nerve cells are responsible for sending and receiving neurotransmitted signals for pain, touch, emotion, and memory.
Maintenance/Water Quality Mercury Poisoning
Mercury (quicksilver) can cause serious threats to human and pet health and contaminate the environment. Be aware of common household sources of mercury and how to clean up a hazardous mercury spill such as a broken thermometer.

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