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Behavior Body Language: How Birds Communicate
Parrots and other birds use body language to communicate contentment, excitement, greetings, anger, distress warnings, illness, territorial defense, or attraction to you or a mate.
Diseases Signs of Disease and Illness
Do you have a sick bird? Identify signs of illness in your pet bird through careful monitoring as described by our veterinarians.
Diseases Vomiting and Regurgitation: Common Causes
Vomiting and regurgitation are difficult to differentiate in birds, and are caused by a variety of diseases and conditions.
Diseases Bird Feathers: Anatomy & Molting
As there are different types of hair on furred animals, birds have different kinds of feathers, each having a particular function.
Diseases Respiratory System Anatomy
The avian respiratory system differs from that of mammals. Birds have lungs, air sacs, a syrinx, and their respiration requires two cycles to move a volume of air.

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