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First Aid & Emergency Care
Knowing what to do in an emergency may mean the difference between life and death for your dog. Learn how to prevent emergencies, treat minor injuries with first aid, and when to seek immediate veterinary assistance and care.  
Burns: First Aid for Pets 
Choking and the Heimlich Maneuver 
Disaster Preparedness 
Electric Shock 
Emergencies: When to Call Your Veterinarian 
Evacuation Kits: How to Make One 
First Aid Kits: How to Make One 
Fishhook Removal 
Normal Values and Characteristics 
Allergic Reactions and Skin
Allergic Reactions: Hives & Facial Swelling 
Bites - Stings - Injuries from Other Animals
Fly Bites 
Insect Bites 
Porcupine Quills 
Scorpion Stings 
Skunk Odor Removal 
Snake Bites 
Spider Bites 
Toad Poisoning 
Poisons and Toxic Foods for Dogs
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Toxicity 
Acid Poisoning 
Alkali (Corrosive) Poisoning 
Amitraz Toxicity 
Amphetamine Toxicity 
Antidepressant Toxicity  
Antifreeze Poisoning: Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention 
Antihistamine & Decongestant Poisoning 
Arsenic Toxicity 
Aspirin Toxicity 
Battery Ingestion and Toxicity 
Bleach Poisoning 
Borate Poisoning 
Chocolate Toxicity 
Citrus Oil Toxicity 
Cocaine Toxicity 
Cocoa Bean Mulch Poisoning 
DEET Toxicity 
Detergent Poisoning  
Ethylene Glycol (Antifreeze) Poisoning 
Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog 
Garbage Intoxication 
Gorilla Glue Poisoning 
Grape/Raisin Toxicity 
Iron Toxicity 
Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) Poisoning  
Ivermectin Toxicity 
Kerosene, Gasoline, and Petroleum Poisoning 
Lead Poisoning 
Macadamia Nut Toxicity 
Marijuana Toxicity 
Mercury Poisoning 
Metaldehyde Poisoning 
Moth Ball Poisoning  
Mushroom Poisoning 
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) Toxicity 
Onion and Garlic Toxicity  
Organophosphate and Carbamate Poisoning  
Phenol and Phenolic Poisoning  
Pine Oil Poisoning 
Poisonous Plants 
Puppy Proofing Your Home 
Pyrethrin and Permethrin Toxicity  
Rat Poison Ingestion: Anticoagulant Type 
Rat Poison Ingestion: Bromethalin Types 
Rat Poison Ingestion: Cholecalciferol/Vitamin D Types 
Rat Poison Ingestion: Zinc Types 
Rotenone Toxicity 
Sodium Phosphate Enema Toxicity 
Strychnine Poisoning 
Xylitol Toxicity 
Zinc Toxicity  
Temperature Extremes
First Aid, Emergencies, & Poisons