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Pet Education Dogs Pet Education Dogs Pet Education Dogs

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Selecting a New Dog or Puppy
How do you go about selecting a new dog or puppy? What breed? What sex? What age? From where? These and other questions need to be answered before taking the big step of selecting a dog. Making the right choices from the beginning will help ensure that you will get the best dog for you, and you will have a great life together. 
Adopting an Adult Dog 
Adopting from a Shelter 
Bringing Home Your Puppy 
Choosing a Breeder 
Choosing a Healthy Puppy 
Choosing the Right Type of Dog 
Choosing Your Puppy 
Cost of Owning a Dog 
New Puppy Supplies 
Puppy Proofing Your Home 
Puppy Purchase Contracts & Placement 
Rescue Organizations 
Where to Get a New Dog or Puppy 
Acquiring a Dog