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Reproduction & Breeding Information for Dogs
Reproduction in the dog is much more complex than it may first appear. Learn about the dog reproductive system, normal heat cycles, breeding, infertility, pregnancy and its complications, birth, and care and feeding of the pregnant dog and puppies.
Reproduction: FAQs 
Reproductive System Anatomy 
Diseases of the Reproductive System
Phimosis: Prepuce Opening Too Small 
Prostate Enlargement 
Pyometra (Uterus Infections) 
Fetal Development & Congenital Defects
Anal Opening Missing (Imperforate Anus) 
Aortic Stenosis 
Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia 
Cerebellar Hypoplasia 
Cleft Palate 
Collie Eye Anomaly 
Collie Nose 
Copper Storage Disease 
Corneal Dystrophy 
Cricopharyngeal Achalasia 
Crossed Eyes (Strabismus) 
Deafness: Hereditary 
Diabetes in Young Dogs 
Diaphragmatic Hernias 
Distichiasis (Abnormal Eyelashes) 
Drugs to Avoid in Pregnant or Nursing Dogs 
Ectopic Ureter 
Fetal Development 
Hypothyroidism: Congenital 
Laryngeal Paralysis 
Liver Shunts in Puppies 
Megaesophagus: Congenital 
Microphthalmia (Small Eyes) 
Pancreatic Hypoplasia 
Patent Ductus Arteriosus 
Persistent Pupillary Membrane 
Persistent Right Aortic Arch 
Persistent Urachus 
Phimosis: Prepuce Opening Too Small 
Pituitary Dwarfism 
Progressive Retinal Atrophy 
Pulmonic Stenosis 
Retinal Dysplasia 
Scotty Cramp 
Stenotic Nares (Small Nostrils) 
Swimmer Puppies 
Tracheal Hypoplasia 
Ventricular Septal Defect 
Wobbler Syndrome 
Heat Cycles & Breeding
Artificial Insemination 
Breeding Terms 
Breeding Your Dog: Questions to Ask 
Horomone Levels Determine Breeding Times and Whelping Dates 
Reproductive System Anatomy 
Pregnancy, Birth & Newborn Care
Difficulty Giving Birth (Dystocia) 
Drugs to Avoid in Pregnant or Nursing Dogs 
Eclampsia (Puerperal Tetany, Milk Fever) 
False Pregnancy 
Pregnancy Diagnosis & Care 
Reproductive Problems 
Spaying and Neutering Dogs
Early Spays & Neuters 
Neutering: The Benefits 
Population Control 
Spaying or Neutering = Fat and Lazy? 
Spaying While Nursing 
Spaying: The Benefits 
Spays & Neuters: Myths