Pet Education Fish
Pet Education Fish Pet Education Fish Pet Education Fish
Frequently Asked Questions
Pet owners often have many questions regarding the health, behavior and care of their pet. Here we provide answers to hundreds of those questions on topics such as behavior; training; diseases and conditions; pet ownership, husbandry, and care; drugs (including administration); grooming and sanitation; healthcare and nursing; feeding and nutrition; parasites; reproduction; and veterinary procedures.
FAQ's on Aquariums and Fish
Acrylic Aquariums vs. Glass 
Activated Carbon 
African Cichlids: Water pH and Alkalinity 
Aggression in Fish 
Alkalinity vs. Water Hardness 
Aquacultured Corals vs. Wild-harvested Corals 
Artificial Corals 
Balanced Fish Diet 
Banded Trochus Snails 
Brown Algae 
Bully Fish 
Canister Filters 
Copepods in Your Reef Aquarium 
Coral Expansion 
Coral Growth and pH Levels 
FAQ's on Inactive Fish 
FAQ's on Trace Elements 
Flatworms in Your Freshwater Aquarium 
Flexible Tubing & Barbed Fittings 
Gorgonians and Sea Fan Requirements 
Guppy Fry: Care and Feeding 
Lighting Intensities for Reef Tanks: Rules of Thumb 
Live Rock Exchanged With Uncured Rock 
Live Sand Depth 
Lowering the Water Hardness and pH of Pond Water 
Minimizing Ammonia Level Changes when Adding Stock 
Neon Goby Cleaner Fish Behavior 
Phosphate Control 
Pond Algae 
Pond Filters: Choosing the Right One 
Positioning Coral on Live Rock 
Puffers: Keeping Their Teeth Short 
Pulsing Corals 
Reef Aquarium Additions 
Reverse Osmosis Units: Factors Affecting Output 
Reverse Osmosis: Checking Water Purity 
Salt Meters 
Salt Mixes 
Saltwater Aquarium Supplements 
Seahorse Care 
Undergravel Cable Heaters 
Unplug Heaters Before a Water Change 
Well Water 
Why Clams Move 
FAQ's on Cat Behavior & Training
Aggression After Vet Visits 
Aggression in Senior Cats 
Catnip Response 
Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet? 
Get a Cat into a Carrier: How to 
Grooming in Hot Weather 
High Places Preferred by Cats 
Jumping on Counters: How to Prevent 
Keep Cat off the Keyboard: How to 
Leash Training 
Licking Around the Tail 
Night Vision 
Open Mouth After Smelling (Flehming) 
Rubbing Against Legs & Furniture 
Scratching on Furniture 
Sleep: How Much is Normal? 
Stress: Common Causes 
FAQ's on Cat Diseases & Conditions
Baby Teeth 
Bad Breath 
Extra Toes (Polydactyly) 
Fever: Common Causes 
Heart Attacks 
Licking Around the Tail 
Ringworm: Not Caused by a Worm 
Signs of Cancer: How to Detect 
Thin Hair Above Eye 
Vomiting & Regurgitation: The Difference 
Walking on Hocks 
FAQ's on Dog Behavior & Training
Biting and Nippng in Puppies 
Burying Bones 
COME Command 
Eating Feces Due to Dietary Problem? 
Eating Grass 
Halter Collars 
House Training:Frequency of Going Outside 
Licking Around the Tail 
Licking Hands 
Lifting Leg to Urinate 
Mounting Behavior 
Rolling in Smelly Things 
Senility & Cognitive Dysfunction 
Sense of Smell 
Stool Eating 
Wagging Tails: What Does it Mean? 
FAQ's on Dog Diseases & Conditions
Baby Teeth 
Bad Breath 
Cataracts & Glaucoma 
Elbow Calluses 
Fever: Common Causes 
Frequent Urination 
Glucosamine for Hip Dysplasia 
Hair Loss during Pregnancy & Nursing (Blowing Coat) 
Head Tilt  
Heart Attacks 
Kennel Cough: Antibiotics Not Always Required 
Licking Around the Tail 
Medications for Seizures 
Reverse Sneeze 
Ringworm: Not Caused by a Worm 
Scooting Along the Floor 
Signs of Cancer: How to Detect 
Tear Stains 
Vomiting & Regurgitation: The Difference 
FAQ's on Emergencies & First Aid
Aspirin Can Be Toxic to Cats 
Chocolate Toxicity 
Onions Can Be Toxic 
Salt Can Hurt Feet 
FAQ's on Grooming & Sanitation
Bathe a Cat: How to 
Bathing Frequency 
Control Litter Box Odor: How to 
Grooming Frequency 
Grooming in Hot Weather 
Hair Mats 
Paint & Tar: How to Remove 
Pregnant Women Should Not Clean Litter Boxes 
Skunk Odor Removal 
Stool Digesters: How to Use One 
FAQ's on Health Care & Nursing
Adult Size: How to Estimate in a Puppy 
Estimate Dog Age In Human Years: How to 
Increase How Much a Cat Drinks: How to 
Normal Dog's Temperature 
Overweight Cat? How to Tell 
Overweight Dog? How to Tell 
Take a Dog's Pulse: How to 
Take a Temperature: How to 
FAQ's on Medications & Administrations
Antibiotics: Definition 
Antibiotics: Give Entire Course of Treatment 
Antidepressant Use in Pets 
Aspirin Can Be Toxic to Cats 
Corticosteroids: Minimize Side Effects 
Drooling in Cats After Oral Medications 
Generic Medications 
Give Liquid Medication to Cats: How to 
Give Liquid Medication to Dogs: How to 
Give Pills to Cats: How to 
Give Pills to Dogs: How to 
NSAIDs: Definition 
Over-the-Counter Medications: Safety 
FAQ's on Nutrition & Feeding
Anal Gland Disease & High Fiber Diets 
Cat Food Labels: How to Read Them 
Dog Food Labels: How to Read Them 
Dog Food Not for Cats 
Elevated Feeders 
Food Allergies: Common Foods 
Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Cat 
High Calcium Diets & Bone/Joint Disease 
High Protein Diets & Kidney Disease 
Keeping Ants Out of Food 
Milk Causes Problems 
Switching Pet Foods 
Water Requirements 
Weight Loss: How fast? 
FAQ's on Parasites
Chocolate: Does it Cause Worms? 
Fleas Transmit Tapeworms 
Lice: Not Transmitted from Pets to Children 
Tick Removal 
Worming Schedule: How to Set Up 
Worms: How to Determine if Your Pet Has Them 
Worms: Puppies Can Be Born with Them 
Worms: Transmission from Pets to People 
FAQ's on Pet Ownership & Basic Care
Adopting Age for Kittens 
Adopting Age for Puppies 
Bedding for Outdoor Dogs 
Calico Cats 
Choke Chain: How to Put On Correctly 
Collars: How to Measure for One 
Crate Size 
Hypoallergenic Pets 
Name for a New Dog: How to Choose 
New Kitten Supplies 
New Puppy Supplies 
Orthopedic Beds 
Pig Ears 
Rawhide: Is It Safe? 
Riding in Cars: Keep the Head In 
FAQ's on the Reproduction & Care of Young
Adult Size: How to Estimate in a Puppy 
Breeding Terms 
Demodex & the Immune System 
False Pregnancy 
Heats Continue in Unspayed Cats 
Neutering Age 
Neutering Age 
Pregnancy Length 
Pregnancy Length 
Sexing Kittens 
Sexing Puppies 
Sexual Maturity 
Sexual Maturity in Dogs 
Spaying Age 
Spaying or Neutering = Fat and Lazy? 
Spaying While Nursing 
FAQ's on Vaccinations & Immunity
Corticosteroids & Vaccination  
Dose of Vaccines for Young and Smaller Pets 
Minimum Ages for Vaccination 
Missed Doses of Vaccine 
Multiple Vaccinations in Pupppies & Kittens 
Sites for Vaccination 
Time Interval from Vaccination to Protection 
Vaccinate Nursing Mothers 
Vaccinating FeLV & FIV Infected Cats 
Vaccinating Pregnant/Nursing Females 
Vaccinating Sick Pets 
Vaccine Failure: The Basics 
Vaccine Types 
FAQ's on Veterinary Tests and Procedures
Antibiotics & Dental Cleaning 
Capillary Refill Time 
Culture & Sensitivity: The Basics 
Dehydration: How to Determine 
Drawer Sign Indicates Ruptured Cruciate Ligament 
Examination of the Upper Respiratory System 
Holding Pets During an Exam 
Purring Stops When a Cat Hears Water 
Schirmer Tear Test 
Sedation for Radiography 
Stethoscopes: Why Quiet is Necessary 
Stool Samples 
String Foreign Body 
Tape Impression Smears 
Trimming Teeth 
Urine Samples 
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