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Veterinary Procedures
Articles in this section describe diagnostic tests, laboratory analyses, and therapeutic procedures used in veterinary medicine. Many of these tests and procedures which are performed on pets are identical to those used in human medicine. 
Radiation Therapy 
Anesthesia & Pain Control
Anesthesia Machines 
Anesthesia Monitoring 
Anesthesia Stages 
Anesthetic Gases: How They Work 
Anesthetics and Sedatives 
Preanesthetic Tests 
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures
Allergy Testing 
Capillary Refill Time 
Chemistry Panels 
Complete Blood Count 
Computed Tomography( CT and CAT Scans) 
Culture & Sensitivity: The Basics 
Culture & Sensitivity: What, When and Why 
Dehydration: How to Determine 
Drawer Sign Indicates Ruptured Cruciate Ligament 
Examination of the Upper Respiratory System 
Imaging Techniques 
Joint Disease: Tests Used in Diagnosis 
Nuclear Scintigraphy 
Schirmer Tear Test 
Sedation for Radiography 
Stool Samples 
Tape Impression Smears 
Urine Collection by Cystocentesis 
Veterinary Surgery
Exploratory Surgery 
Incisions and Healing 
Preanesthetic Tests 
Surgery: What to Expect 
Vet Procedures