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Marty Smith, DVM
Marty Smith, DVM
Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.

Dr. Marty Smith received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Iowa State University and is a member of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association.

In addition to co-authoring four books with Dr. Foster, Dr. Smith has written hundreds of articles on pet health, care, and behavior and is very involved as a consultant with pet organizations, breeders, trainers and other writers across the United States. A number of Dr. Smith's English Setters have competed in the national showing circuit, including Ch. Sevenoaks Golden Garters, "Vegas," who was the 1997 Am. Can. Grand National Champion.

Dr. Smith has donated a considerable amount of time to the treatment and rehabilitation of wildlife found injured or abandoned in Wisconsin's northwoods.

Dr. Smith, along with his wife, five daughters, and pets live in Minocqua, Wisconsin where they enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, boating, wildlife photography and skiing. He divides his time between his practice, family, writing, and consulting, and plays an active role in the local educational system.