What Kind of Animal is It?
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith

There are some breeds and species of pets that many people may not be familiar with. Check out your pet IQ by matching the breed or variety on the left with the type of animal on the right. Good luck!

1. Chinese Crested a. Guinea Pig
2. Peacock Hind b. Cat
3. American Satin c. Ferret
4. Checkered Giant d. Tortoise
5. Egyptian Mau e. Fish
6. Caique f. Rat
7. Silver Mitt g. Snake
8. African Sulcata h. Rabbit
9. Dumbo i. Bird
10. Racer j. Dog


Answers answers to quiz



0-3 Pet Deficient
4-7 Pet Sufficient
8-10 Petrageous!
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