Overfeeding - Too Much of a Good Thing
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Overfeeding and obesity are serious risk factors in your pet's healthOverfeeding and weight problems are risk factors for health problems in every animal species. Keeping pets fit and trim can give them added years of quality life. Look over these statements on overfeeding and overweight, and see if you're an over-achiever or overdue for a review.
  1. Obesity is the number one health problem among U.S. dogs and cats.

  2. Overfeeding fish can result in large amount of unsightly algae in an aquarium or pond.

  3. Overweight cats and birds are more prone to developing diabetes mellitus and a fatal liver disease called hepatic lipidosis.

  4. Overweight dogs are more prone to developing diabetes mellitus and joint diseases.

  5. Overweight rabbits are more prone to foot diseases.

  6. Obesity is more common in reptiles who are fed crickets.

  7. Feeding too many high fat supplements to ferrets can lead to protein deficiency.

  8. If you feed according to the pet food manufacturer's recommendations, your pet will not become overweight.

  9. Treats should never account for more than 20% of your dog's diet.

  10. Feed fish only as much as they will eat in 20 minutes.





0-3 Fatigued
4-7 Fat chance
8-10 Fat free!
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