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The prefix "hyper" means abnormally increased, and "hypo" means abnormally decreased. Try to match the hypers and hypos on the left with the correct definition on the right. Use each definition only once. Good luck!


1.    Hypoglycemia A.   Drooling
2.    Hyperkalemia B.   Low body temperature
3.    Hyponatremia C.   Presence of extra teeth
4.    Hypertension D.   Abnormal thickening of the skin
5.    Hypertrophy E.   Cushing's disease
6.    Hypodermic F.   Low levels of oxygen in the tissues
7.    Hypothermia G.   Low blood sugar level
8.    Hypoxia H.   Abnormal increase in the size of an organ
9.    Hyperadrenocorticism I.    High blood pressure
10.  Hyperdontia J.   High blood potassium level
11.  Hyperkeratosis K.   Low blood sodium level
12.  Hypersialism L.   Beneath the skin





Hypo matcher
Hyper matcher
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