An Oral Exam
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith

The following statements regarding beaks and teeth of animals, fish, and invertebrates may be true, or we may be mouthing utter nonsense. Take this true or false quiz to determine your 'oral' knowledge. Good luck.

  1. A bird's beak has a tough covering called 'keratin,' which is also the main substance in deer antlers.

  2. Cats have fewer permanent adult teeth than ferrets.

  3. Puppies have 14 fewer teeth than adults.

  4. Most fish have teeth.

  5. Most snakes have 2 rows of teeth in their upper jaw.

  6. The large fang in a cat is called the 'canine' tooth.

  7. The normal slit-like opening on the hard palate (roof of the mouth) of a bird is called the 'choana.'

  8. An octopus has a beak that it uses for breaking up pieces of food.

  9. Some teeth of a dog have 3 roots.

  10. The hair-like structures on the tongue of a cat are called 'papillae.'

  11. An iguana's teeth are shed and replaced throughout life.

  12. The incisors (front teeth) of a rodent continue to grow for the life of the animal.


Answers answers to quiz



0-2 M ajor review required
3-5 O ngoing study needed
6-8 U pgraded learning suggested
9-10 T echnical knowledge applauded
11-12 H ighest regards given
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