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Not all pets use their tongues for the same purpose. Try to sort out which of the statements below are true and which are false.

  1. The hairlike projections on a cat's tongue are covered with taste buds.

  2. Lorikeets have brushlike tips on their tongues with which they harvest pollen.

  3. Snakes are the only reptiles that have forked tongues.

  4. The crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.

  5. Cats have water-taste receptors on their tongues.

  6. The tongue of a dog is composed of 3 muscles.

  7. Fish do not have tongues.

  8. The tongue of a chameleon can be up to 2 times its body length.

  9. Rabbits, like cats, groom with their tongues.

  10. A ferret's tongue is normally light pink and dry.





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