Feline Clan Members
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There are many members of the cat family, of varying sizes, shapes and markings. Try to match the wild cat on the left with its description on the right.

1. Bobcat A. Black cat that lives in the Western Hemisphere; often called the 'black leopard'
2. Caracal B. Most social of the wild cats
3. Cheetah C. Spotted cat that lives high in the mountains of Central Asia
4. Jaguar D. North American cat with long ear tufts and a short tail
5. Leopard E. Most common wild cat in North America; has short tail and no (or very short) ear tufts
6. Lion F. Called the 'desert lynx'; has ear tufts and a short tail
7. Lynx G. Also called the 'catamount'
8. Panther H. Widest geographical distribution of all wild cats
9. Puma I. Does not have sheathed claws
10. Serval J. Distinguished from leopard by having 'spots within spots'
11. Snow leopard K. Largest of the wild cats; usually a solitary hunter
12. Tiger L. Looks like a small cheetah with very large ears





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