Veterinary Medicine: The Last 150 Years
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith

The Year 2008 marks a time when many people look backward over the past century and review the progress which has been made. We thought you may be interested in some of the major events the veterinary profession has experienced in the last 150 years. But we're asking you to try to figure out what happened when. Try to match the dates below with the highlights and improvements in veterinary medicine.

1. 1862 A. Canine parvovirus first identified
2. 1863 B. First woman who succesfully practiced veterinary medicine graduated with a diploma
3. 1879 C. First feline distemper vaccine developed
4. 1891 D. First prescription veterinary product marketed on TV and radio (Heartgard)
5. 1910 E. First University Veterinary College established in North America (Guelph)
6. 1931 F. Pet insurance policies developed
7. Mid 1930's G. First use of intravenous pentobarbital as an anesthetic in veterinary medicine
8. Late 1940's H. Penicillin first became available for use in veterinary medicine
9. 1972 I. First U.S. University Veterinary School established (Iowa)
10. 1978 J. The American Veterinary Medical Association started
11. 1982 K. James Herriot published All Creatures Great and Small
12. 1994 L. First tuberculosis test in cattle performed





You can't remake history
Be glad it's all behind you
You passed the past
Your hindsight is 20-20


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