Keep On TICKing
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Ticks really 'bug' us and our pets. How much do you really know about ticks? Try taking our true and false quiz and test your knowledge. (You're allowed to look through the for some of the answers.)

  1. Ticks are related to spiders.

  2. Each female tick lays 3,000 eggs.

  3. The life cycle of the deer tick is completed in less than one year.

  4. Ticks are killed by cold weather.

  5. Ticks can transmit a disease within two hours of biting the animal.

  6. You should not use your fingers to remove a tick.

  7. The common swelling around a tick bite is caused by the tick's saliva.

  8. Insect growth regulators such as Nylar, Precor and Program kill ticks.

  9. Lyme disease usually develops 2-5 months after the bite of an infected tick.

  10. A tick bite can rarely cause paralysis in dogs; recovery generally occurs once the tick is removed.

  11. Ticks feed on blood and insects.

  12. Ehrlichiosis, which can cause anemia and fever, is transmitted by ticks.


answers for tick quiz



0-3 You found the questions too TrICKy.
4-6 Good try. STICK with it.
7-10 That's the TICKet!
11-12 FantasTICK.
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