Facts on Fleas
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Fleas have pestered man and beast for centuries. It is estimated pet owners spend over 1 billion dollars each year on flea control. Knowledge of flea anatomy, their life cycle, and insecticides can help us control them. Want to test your flea aptitude? Try matching the words or numbers on the left with the description on the right.


1. Ctenocephalides felis A. insecticide made from chrysanthemums
2. 24 B. insecticide that prevents immature fleas from developing
3. chitin C. height a flea can jump (in centimeters)
4. 4 D. the hard skin covering of fleas
5. 33 E. the number of months some fleas can live
6. 6 F. the tapeworm transmitted by fleas
7. pyrethrin G. the common flea infesting dogs and cats
8. pyreproxifen H. the number of legs on an adult flea
9. 15 I. the number of life stages of a flea
10. Dipylidium caninum J. the average length of the entire life cycle of fleas in days




Your flea IQ is 'flea-ting'
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