How to Use an In-ground Stool Digester for Your Pet's Feces
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Q. How do underground stool digesters work?
A. Illustration of an in-ground stool digesterAll around the world, people are more concerned about the environment than ever before. Pet waste is becoming a big issue across the nation. There are laws in many cities pertaining to the amount of waste you are allowed to have on your lawn. And the importance of a clean lawn is not just a national environmental issue, it should also be an issue having to do with your family's health. Pet waste that is not picked up can be a habitat for bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted to humans, not to mention an unpleasant mess on the bottom of your shoe. Your pet's health can also be jeopardized, since many diseases can be spread through feces.

While there are several methods you can choose to clean up your less-than-pristine lawn, one method that many pet owners choose is an in-ground digester system. There are several different models to choose from, but they all work on the same principle as a septic system.

  • You must first dig a hole in a convenient and out-of-the-way area in which you place the digester. The hole must be 48-inches deep in order to facilitate drainage. Install the digester and cover in the ground. The cover should only be slightly above ground.

  • After your pet has deposited his waste, pick it up and place it in the digester.

  • Add special enzyme stool digester mix and water, then place lid back on the digester. Some digesters come with a pedal apparatus.

  • Let the digester do its job   the digester liquefies the stool and drains it into the surrounding soil.

  • Forget about it until the next time and enjoy your clean lawn.

  • The liquid stool product is not harmful to the environment.

Keep in mind that you may have to purchase a special digester if you feed your dog a high-protein or concentrated premium food. Because your dog's stool is so concentrated from these foods, you will need a specific type of bacterial/enzyme mixture to liquefy it.

The digester apparatus is practically flush with the ground, so it is not obvious to passersby. You would be surprised how easy it is to clean up your pet's waste and provide a pristine lawn for yourself and your family. You will never be afraid to play a game of touch football on your lawn again!

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