Sexing Puppies
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Q. How do I distinguish between a male and female puppy?
A. It is much easier to determine the sex of a newborn puppy than kitten. The scrotum in the male dog is located below the anus almost between the back legs. The testicles are enclosed in the scrotum by about 8 weeks of age. The penis in the dog is directed forward and lies on the back half of the ventral abdomen (belly). It is enclosed within the prepuce. The dog's penis does contain a bone known as the os penis. When examining newborn puppies for sex, do not mistake the umbilical cord for the prepuce and penis. The female puppy has a slit-like vulva located below the anus almost between her rear legs.

Males and females both have nipples.

Male Puppy Female Puppy
Male puppy Female puppy
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