Dogs May Vocalize & Paddle Their Legs When They Dream
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith

Q. Is dreaming common in dogs?
A. A dog sleepingJust like people, dogs dream. Dogs tend to dream with more action and for shorter times than people. Many dogs will move their whiskers and lips, and make licking and chewing motions when they dream. They paddle their feet, almost like they are running. Their eyelids may also twitch, and you may see their eyes moving back and forth rapidly under their eyelids. Some dogs will vocalize, making little yips or howls.

Some people have seen these behaviors when their dog was dreaming and thought that it was a form of a seizure. If a dog is dreaming, he can be easily awakened by calling his name, or patting him on the shoulder. You would not be able to stop a dog from seizuring using those same methods.

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