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The amazing diversity in the animal world continues to amaze us. This quiz is based on that diversity. Match the species of animal on the left with its unique characteristic on the right.

1. Guinea pig

A. Can have red tears

2. Rat

B. Ears make up 12% of its body surface

3. Cat

C. Member of the order Insectivora

4. Dog

D. Has 220 million scent receptors in his nose (we have 5 million)

5. Iguana

E. Develops scurvy if Vitamin C is not added to the diet

6. Ferret

F. Distinguish sexes by the color of the area around the nostrils

7. Rabbit

G. Difference in body weight between summer and winter can be 40%

8. Hedgehog

H. Can produce 40 young every 3-4 weeks

9. Parakeet

I. Does best in temperatures of 88-95 F

10. Guppy

J. Usually sleeps 14-18 hours a day


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9-10 Omniscient Organism Organizer
6-8 Average Animal Analyzer
3-5 Sporadic Species Sorter
0-2 Confused Creature Categorizer

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