How to Determine the Proper Crate Size for Your Dog
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith

Q. How do I know what size cage is best for my dog?
A. The right size cage is one in which your pet can lie down, turn around, and have three to four inches of extra head space when sitting or standing. While the right-sized cage may seem too confining or too small to you, it is not for your dog.

Cage with divider for puppy growthEspecially if you are using the cage or crate to housetrain your puppy, do not make the common mistake of buying a cage that is too large for your puppy. If it is too spacious, your pup will eliminate in a 'remote' corner. Buy a puppy cage you will only use for training, or buy a cage that you can use throughout your dog's life and add divider panels when the dog is smaller to reduce the area to the appropriate size.

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