Axelrod's Rasbora
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Rasbora axelrodi

Axelrod's Rasbora

Quick Stats:   Axelrod's Rasbora

Family: Cyprinidae
Range: Indonesia
Size: Up to 1½ inches
Diet: Omnivore
Tank Set-up: Freshwater: Plants, rocks, driftwood
Tank Conditions: 73-79°F; pH 6.0-7.5; dH 2-5
Minimum Tank Capacity: 10 gallons
Light: Medium
Temperament: Peaceful
Swimming Level: Middle
Care Level: Moderate
Reproduction: Egg Layer

The Axelrod's Rasbora is a peaceful, active, schooling fish. This fish is one of the more brilliantly colored species of the genus, especially the male.

Rasbora axelrodi requires a well established, densely-planted aquarium with plenty of free-swimming space available. The Axelrod's Rasbora does well in a community aquarium with other peaceful and similarly-sized species.

Unfortunately, the Axelrod's Rasbora's breeding habits in the aquarium have not been documented.

An omnivore, the Axelrod's Rasbora does well on a diet of prepared flake food, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex.

Ideal tank mates include:

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