Interesting Ferret Facts
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Some interesting facts about ferrets:

  • Ferret on a leashAn unspayed female ferret is called a jill while a spayed female is a sprite. An intact male is a hob and a neutered male is called a gib. Baby ferrets are called kits.

  • Ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years; in fact, on the walls of some Egyptian tombs there are pictures of ferret-like creatures on leashes.

  • Ferrets have no inherent fear of humans.

  • A newborn ferret is so small that it can fit into a teaspoon!

  • All ferret kits have white fur at birth.

  • After kithood (6-8 weeks of age) ferrets make very few sounds.

  • The average ferret lives to be 6 or 7 years old.

  • Ferrets like to crawl into small dark spaces to sleep.

  • Ferrets are members of the mink family.

  • Ferrets can sleep so soundly that they cannot be woken up even when picked up and jostled.

  • A small ferret may be able to squeeze through a hole just over an inch in diameter.

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