Bathing a Ferret
Veterinarian, Author, Internationally recognized expert on ferrets
Judith A. Bell, DVM, PhD

There may be times when it is necessary to give your ferret a bath. Prior to the bath, place a small dab of ophthalmic ointment around the eyes and at the entrance to the ears. This will prevent water and soap from entering. Then, fill a basin or sink half full of warm water, wet the ferret, which may alarm him, put a generous stream of shampoo down his back, and lather the whole body.

Ferrets that are frightened by being wet the first time may bite - get a good firm hold on the scruff of the neck before proceeding. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, or the residual shampoo may cause itchy skin. It is easiest just to hold the ferret under the warm running water, or have an assistant use a hand sprayer. After rinsing, wrap the ferret in a towel to remove the excess water. Ferrets dry very quickly. Unless the ferret is very young or old or is sick, there is no need to put it in an extra warm place to dry. Most ferrets like to run around after their bath and dry themselves on rugs and furniture. One of the many enchanting things about a ferret is that after emerging ruffled and dishevelled from a damp towel, he can give one quick shake of his body, and like magic, every hair springs back into place.

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