How Much Do Cats Normally Sleep?
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith

Q. My cat sleeps a lot and takes many 'cat naps' throughout the day. Why does she sleep so much?
A. A cat on couch catnappingNormal cats sleep 2/3's of their life away. They spend about twice as much time sleeping as most other mammals. The amount of time a cat spends sleeping can depend on age, weather, temperature, hunger, sense of security, and sexual influences.

If your cat seems to sleep more than usual, acts depressed when awake, has had weight changes or other signs of illness, contact your veterinarian.

You should also contact your veterinarian if your older cat is sleeping less. It could be due to a condition called hyperthyroidism. This disease occurs when your cat is producing too much thyroid hormone and his metabolism shoots into high gear.

Studies have shown that cats can enter into a deep sleep like us, and have similar brain wave patterns as we do when we dream. So if you see your cat asleep, whiskers twitching, and the eyes under the closed lids rapidly moving to and fro, your cat is probably out on the hunt in her dreams. Wish her 'Happy Mousing!'

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