False Teeth Exam
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All animals have mouth structures that aid in eating their food. Most animals, including most fish, have teeth. Birds, instead, have beaks with which they manipulate their food. Test your knowledge of oral anatomy by taking this quiz. How many false teeth did you find?

  1. The hard smooth covering on a tooth is called the "pulp."

  2. Abnormal tooth alignment is called "stomatitis."

  3. Another name for permanent teeth is "deciduous teeth."

  4. In birds, the fleshy tissue above the beak is called the "cere."

  5. The lower jaw is called the "mandible."

  6. The upper jaw is called the "maxilla."

  7. Sharks and crocodiles continually lose and replace their teeth throughout their lifetimes.

  8. The condition in which the upper jaw or beak is too short is called "prognathism."

  9. The canine tooth is also called the "carnassial" tooth.

  10. Another name for the molars in rabbits is "peg teeth."

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0-2  Toothless
3-4  Equivocal
5-6  Encouraging
7-8  Talented
9-10  Heading for a crown
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