Taking a Temperature Quiz
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Humans, as we well know, should have a normal body temperature of 98.6°F (or 37°C), however, body temperatures differ remarkably in other animal species. Many animal species have a required ambient (immediate environment) temperature in order to duplicate their natural habitat's climate or to help regulate their body systems. Test your knowledge by filling in the blanks on the left with the matching temperature on the right. Good luck!

1. Most saltwater reef aquariums should be kept at a temperature of   (1)  .

2. The recommended environmental temperature for rabbits is never   (2)  .

3. The normal temperature of a newborn kitten is   (3)  .

4. Many lizards require a basking temperature of   (4)  .

5. The normal temperature of a dog is   (5)  .

6. When the temperature is   (6)  , you should not feed your pond fish.

7. Discus require tank temperatures of   (7)  .

8. A bird's body temperature is usually   (8)   warmer than a human's.

9. The recommended environmental temperature for a ferret is   (9)  .

10. For hibernating turtles, the optimal environmental temperature should be   (10)  .

a. 7-8°F

b. cold, but above 32°F

c. below 45-50°F

d. 60-75°F

e. 72-78°F

f. 79-86°F

g. over 85°F

h. 90-100°F

i. 96-97°F

j. 99.5-102.5°F


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Below Normal
Getting Warmer
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