Germane to Germs
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith

Distinguishing between viruses, bacteria, and fungi can sometimes be confusing. How are you at sorting out one from the others? Test your knowledge by taking the following quiz.


1. Germ

A. type of single-celled fungi

2. Virus

B. single-celled organism, sometimes with

3. Bacterium

C. multi-cellular, plant-like organism

4. Fungus

D. any microorganism, especially disease-

5. Yeast

E. nonliving, depends on host to reproduce


6. Viruses and bacteria cause the same diseases.

7. Viruses are so simple, they aren't even considered to be alive.

8. All fungus are harmless, like edible mushrooms.

9. You can catch a cold from your dog.

10. Most germs are host specific, they will only infect one certain species.




0-2 Grievous
3-5 Erroneous
6-8 Respectable
9-10 Marvelous
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