Toxin Targets
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Entire books have been written on toxicology and poisonings in pets. In many instances the plant, chemical, or drug is only toxic or produces harmful effects when the animal is exposed to high quantities, is in certain stages of development, or is of a certain species or breed. We have listed a few of the more common toxins/poisons in the left column. Try to match the toxin with the body system affected.

1. Baytril

a. Kidney

2. Digoxin

b. Blood clotting

3. Easter Lilies

c. Nervous system

4. Gentamicin

d. Heart and respiratory system

5. Griseofulvin

e. Ears

6. Ice Melts

f. Bone development

7. Lead

g. Stomach and intestines

8. Onions

h. Skin

9. Rat Poisons

i. Red blood cells

10. Rose Fertilizer (Iron)

j. Birth defects



Off the mark
On target
Bull's Eye!

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