Is it -itis or -osis?
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Many medical and veterinary terms end in the suffixes -itis and -osis. -itis generally refers to an inflammation of a certain organ or tissue. -osis often refers to a process, usually an abnormal one. Try to match the '-itises' and '-osises' with their definition.


1. Arthritis

A. Disease caused by a fungus

2. Cyanosis

B. Bluish or grayish color to the skin and gums

3. Dermatitis

C. A hardening of tissue

4. Enteritis

D. Inflammation of the kidney

5. Hepatitis

E. Inflammation of the skin

6. Mycosis

F. Inflammation of the joint

7. Nephritis

G. Inflammation of the intestine

8. Pediculosis

H. Narrowing

9. Prognosis

I. Itching

10. Pruritus

J. Inflammation of the liver

11. Sclerosis

K. Predicted outcome

12. Stenosis

L. Infestation with lice


answers to quiz


0-2 -O reSISt the urge to quit
3-5 -O thiS IS a good time to review
6-9 -IT IS a good start
10-12 -IT IS time to say 'Congratulations!'
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