Traveling Safely: Car Restraint for Your Dog
Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
Race Foster, DVM

'Even a sudden stop or sharp turn could seriously injure an unrestrained pet.'

Dog with seat belt on in car

Pets, like children, should be safely restrained while traveling. All it takes is a sudden stop or turn to seriously injure your pet. Not to mention what could happen if you got in an accident.

Unrestrained pets are also the cause of many accidents, as they can distract or even interfere with the driver's ability to control the vehicle. We once had a client crash through the wall of our clinic because her pet was underfoot and prevented her from braking. (Fortunately, no one was injured.)

dog in a plastic crate in a carToday's pet restraints and car seats quickly and easily attach to a vehicle's seat belt, and provide plenty of freedom for the pet to sit up or lie down. Wire cages or plastic crates are also excellent choices to protect pets while traveling, as they shield pets from falling objects.

Please, do not let dogs ride unrestrained in the bed of pickup trucks. Many cities now prohibit this practice, and it is a law that, in our opinion, is very late in coming. Many parts of the country are considering laws making pet restraint mandatory in all vehicles.

You protect yourself and your family with seat belts, shouldn't you do the same for your pet?

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