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Beds: Every Dog Should Have One
Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
Marty Smith, DVM
Housing, Play, Travel, and Supplies
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Springer Spaniel in a dog bed Just as every puppy should have a cage, we feel that every dog should have a bed. Like cages, beds offer your dog the sense of security of having a place of her own - a place to get away when she is tired or just needs quiet time by herself. Chances are, it will become her favorite spot in your home. Orthopedic beds help maintain the health of older dogs or those who are convalescing.

If you have ever lived with dogs, you know they tend to select couches, chairs, or beds as a place to rest or sleep. They prefer the comfort and warmth these items of furniture offer compared to a hard floor. Dog beds provide the same comfort benefits and they keep pets off furniture - an important consideration for many pet owners who prefer to keep their furniture free from pet hair. A bed introduced at an early age, reinforced with consistent training, will keep your pet off your furniture for its entire life.

Many of the beds we offer contain cedar chips. In addition to adding a pleasant aroma, cedar has natural flea repellent characteristics that will help prevent infestation of your dog. We also design many of our beds with a zippered inner liner so you can add fresh cedar or more polyfil whenever you choose. Zippered outer liners allow for easy removal and laundering.

If your pet develops joint problems such as hip dysplasia, is a particularly large breed or is overweight, or when age brings on conditions like arthritis, consider an Orthopedic Bed made of medical-grade orthopedic foam to provide the support your pet needs while helping to relieve pain and discomfort.

Where you place your dog's bed is entirely up to you and your dog. Just remember it is her resting place so it is best not to place it in a high traffic area of your home. Many pet owners place their pet's bed in their cage or crate once it is house trained, while others prefer a location near where they spend much of their time so their companion is always nearby. We offer a wide selection of styles and color choices that enable you to choose a bed and changeable cover that complements your decor.

Click here for a pdf version of this article.  See related products at Pet Supplies  
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