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Pet Identification Tags: Safety for Your Dog
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Sheltie with a name tagWe believe that every dog should wear a name tag. We have seen far too many dog owners and family members go through the terribly sad experience of losing a dog with no way to get them back. The worst part is they know an inexpensive name tag would have been all they needed to get their pet back.

We also hear of many happy endings and have seen many joyful reunions after a dog was thought to be lost forever. The one thing most of the happy endings have in common is that the dog was wearing a name tag.

Take a few seconds right now to make sure your dog's name tag is up to date, and just as importantly, readable. Engraving on aluminum tags does not last forever, and important contact information may not be legible if you have not replaced the tag for a while.

For a name tag that lasts longer, try either the gold-plated, stainless steel, or brass name tags or plates. These metals allow deeper engraving and maintain readability much longer.

Pet ID TagPlease, for your sake and the safety of your dog, make sure you have an up-to-date name tag on every dog collar you own. Dogs have been known to escape from cars and carriers, and their owners' arms, so do not let your dog out of the house without his collar on. It could save your family from a painful experience and save your dog's life.

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